Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), South Africa

nmmu logoThe Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University was established in 2005 through the merger of the former University of Port Elizabeth (UPE), the Port Elizabeth Technikon (PET) and the Zwide campus of Vista University (a historically black university created during the apartheid regime). Situated in the Eastern Cape - one of the poorest regions of South Africa, the NMMU’s vision as a values-driven university carrying the name of Nelson Mandela, is to be the leader in optimising the potential of its communities towards sustainable development in Africa. For this reason the NMMU has committed itself to focus on academic programmes that will lead to poverty alleviation through job creation and other strategic interventions.

The NMMU’s partnership with UO has been in place for a number of years and has been extremely successful, having resulted in the exchange of Faculty and students in a number of key focus areas.

Natural Resource Management and Energy are the key institutional research themes (or focus areas) upon which the NMMU concentrate its efforts. This is supported by the recognised focus areas for the Science Faculty: Energy for the Future; and Environmental and Natural Research Management. With the full support of UO, planning is at an advanced stage for the introduction of a Postgraduate Programme in Renewable Energy (PPRE) at the NMMU. This will be based on the successful PPRE programme already being offered by UO. The development of the PPRE programme at the NMMU will usher in exciting opportunities for new collaboration between several of the universities participating in the proposed joint project.


Developing Sustainability Project representative at NMMU

Prof. Dr. Andrew Leitch

Faculty of Science
P. O. Box 77000
6031 Port Elisabeth
Republic of South Africa

Telephone: +27 41 (0) 504 2873
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