Interdisciplinary PhD Program

One of the central aims of the Developing Sustainability network is to establish an interdisciplinary PhD Programme on sustainability sciences.

This interdisciplinary and international PhD programme is developed at Oldenburg University´s Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research – COAST, that coordinates and interlinks environment and sustainability related research and teaching activities at University of Oldenburg.

Doctoral students working on environment and sustainability related topics, for instance in the field of climate adaptation, transition towards an energy society and also in the field of development cooperation and North-South dialogue, need to deal with interdisciplinary approaches to be able to answer research questions across the boundaries of different disciplines. They have to be able to read and understand the “other” discipline with its findings and methodology. An interdisciplinary PhD programme takes these requirements into account and offers PhD students the possibilities to choose and combine the relevant costumized contents.

COAST also offers PhD students coming to Oldenburg within the Developing Sustainability project access into a broader research network that interlinks the Developing Sustainability project partners but also the partner universities and research contacts in other international and interdisciplinary research projects.

Last Updated: Thursday, 09 February 2012 10:24