SEEMIS - Milestones and Measures

One challenge within the further development of the related master programmes at the partner universities is the integration and adaptation of modules from the existing study programmes in "Sustainability Economics and Management" and "Environmental Management Information Systems".

Major objective of SEEMIS in the field of teaching is the further development of a master programmes and related course offers in the field of Sustainable Enterprise and Environmental Management Information Systems at partner universities and in the South-South collaboration. These are intended to contribute to the joint PhD programme planned for a later development stage of the project. The following main activities are realized every year.

  • Visits of the partner country academic staff to Oldenburg and Oldenburg academics to partner countries: knowledge transfer, capacity building, networking
  • Production of educational materials
  • Student exchange and “Master-Tandems”, e.g. Master student from two partner universities collaborate and research together on two thematic topics which are closely links and profit from each other.
  • Teacher mobility within teach-the-teacher activities and qualification
  • Co-Supervision of Master and doctoral theses
  • Setup of alumni-network (2013)
  • Dissemination that will be achieved through the project web-site, informative sessions in each project year, and peer reviews in order to inform the academic community and the non-consortium policymakers about the project progress, as well as the quality control of the project results.
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