Cross Cutting Themes

Gender, Cultural Diversity, Governance

Cross-cutting themes that are relevant to research, teaching and transfer / implementation concerning all three core themes are considered and included in different ways. These topics are instrumental to sustainable development and constructive North-South dialogue.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are crucial for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Questions of Governance become especially relevant when thinking about the implementation of sustainability management measures, implementation of renewable energies, regional and national policy frameworks and social learning processes. Questions of energy, environmental protection and sustainable business management need to be considered in the socio-economic and cultural contexts they are embedded in. In order to create a constructive level of collaboration and expertise in the field of sustainable development, questions of diversity, culture and the North-South conflict have to be considered and included in research methodological frameworks and teaching.

Relevant units at the partnering universities within the Developing Sustainability contribute and participate in the network – as contributors during the annual workshops, in research groups and by participating in teaching packages. Students are encouraged to focus in their thesis work on topics taking up the cross-cutting themes.

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